Understanding about calories and being able to calorie count is pretty much all you need to know to lose weight effectively. The average person burns approximately 1400 calories a day simply by going through their day to day life. So as long as you eat less than your BMR (basic metabolic rate) you are guaranteed to lose weight. You could choose to eat 1200 calories worth of chocolate a day and you would still lose weight but obviously this isn’t very good for you. It’s best to eat mostly nutritious food with your calorie allowance, that way you will feel fuller for longer and you will be giving your body the fuel it needs.garcinia before and after

Calculate BMI

There are many online websites that will tell you how much exactly YOU should be eating a day to lose weight because we are all different. As long as you know your height and weight, you can work out your current BMI, in addition to other things. To work out your BMI you simply divide your weight in KG’s by your height in meters and then divide this number by your height again. If your BMI is below 25 you are healthy, if it’s above 25 then you could probably do with losing some weight because you are now overweight by a medical standard which is not good for your health.

Calorie counting is a lot easier than it used to be, due to the fact pretty much all food have the amount of calories in them, printed on the packaging. There are several good apps that can help you to calorie count too and my personal favorite is MyFitnessPal. You simply enter all your details including your goal weight, the app will then tell you how much you have to eat every day to get to your goal. You can then search for the foods you eat in the database and log them into your day. This makes calorie counting so easy because you know when to stop eating. Don’t forget to include liquids, many people forget that most of these contains calories which is why it’s a good idea to stick mainly to water.

You can burn extra calories by working out, which means that you can eat a little more. Sticking to fruits, vegetables and protein is important – especially if you are exercising because this will help you to get a slim but toned body. Now that you know how to calorie count effectively what are you waiting for? Start today and you will wish that you had done it sooner!